Lactation Consulting

South Dakota Babies is now Health Haven Consulting! is coming soon!

Is breastfeeding painful?

Have you been told pain is normal?

Would you like to have someone come to your home and help you with breastfeeding?

Our Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will help you and your baby with any breastfeeding issues you may be having.

At an office visit we perform a full assessment and medical history of you and your baby. We use a hospital grade scale to weigh your baby before and after a feeding to determine how much they are transferring. We will work on positioning and latch, and go over techniques to manage milk supply. We will leave you with a written care plan including instructions and referrals.

We also offer prenatal breastfeeding appointments.

**Alicia is now offering office visits at Pascoe Chiropractic.**

Contact us now to schedule your personal breastfeeding consultation.

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